Tuesday, March 29th, 4-7 pm

Because We Knew Her We Have Been Changed For Good

This community outreach will bring together A.T. Still University faculty, medical, dental, and PA students to provide screenings to vulnerable and underserved families and students at Emerson elementary school in Mesa, Arizona.  This effort is a collaboration between the Beyond Flexner Alliance Conference, A.T. Still University (ASDOH, ASHS and SOMA Colleges), Arizona State University (ASU), Corbin’s Legacy, the CareQuest Oral Health Institute, Colgate Palmolive, and Emerson Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona.  This event will be offsite, and we will capture this event via photography and share it with attendees on Wed morning during the conference.    
There will be in attendance about 300 adults and 400 children who are community residents. We will take vitals/blood pressures for adults, provide: oral health screenings (adults and children), oral health kits from Colgate Palmolive, health education, fluoride varnish applications, and referrals for care as needed to our community health center partners. There will be a canned goods free food market, where students can pick their food to take 10-12 plus cans home.  Because an event such as this must be held in the early evening for working families and student educational responsibilities, we will provide the families with a meal. Every Family will receive a COVID 19 test kit from Maricopa County

In addition to this opportunity to further assist families, BFA Conference attendees at the time of registration and during the conference will have the opportunity to donate to Corbin's Legacy.


For providing an opportunity for this collaborative to help move the dial on improving community outcomes around food insecurity and health disparities in our communities.