The Beyond Flexner Alliance seeks to identify and support change agents who are transforming their communities toward social mission. Prospective attendees who are students, residents, and community members with financial need will be considered for the inaugural Social Mission Scholarship. Scholarship funds may help cover the costs of 1) conference registration, 2) hotel accommodation and/or 3) airfare. 

Application Requirements:

  1. Brief Personal Statement about: 
    1. Prior experience with social mission education and service work and
    2. What you can gain and contribute to the Conference experience
  1. CV 
  2. Budget of costs required to attend conference including applications for any other funding resources (institutional support, grants, stipends, etc.) 

Scholarship Recipients Requirements:

 Scholarship recipients will be required to actively participate at the conference in at least one of the following ways:

  1. Present a poster in a category-specific to Scholarship Award winners 
  2. Facilitate a discussion table at the Young Beyond Flexner Networking Session
  3. Participate as a Social Mission & Media Liaison 
  4. Participate in the judging process of the Student & Resident Poster Competition (if not already in the competition itself)

Scholarship Winners will also be expected to submit a post-conference report (500 words or less) on what they learned and how they will apply lessons learned back in their communities and/or institutions. These reports may be published in Beyond Flexner Alliance materials such as social media posts, newsletters, and/or blogs. 

Scholarship winners will also be invited to attend a Breakout Session/Lunch Session to meet with Scholarship sponsors.